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English Teacher, Beijing, China Jobs

China Jobs Location: Beijing

China Jobs Employer: Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
China Jobs requirement:

Native-speaker of English with Bachelor’s Degree or above
Candidates with teaching or relative experiences more favorable
Fourteen to sixteen class-hours per week, teaching oral and written English to non-English major Ph. D and Master students
— Free medical insurance
— Covered medical care of RMB 5000 at a maximum
–Free 2-bedroom apartment with necessary furniture and home appliances
–One-way or round trip international travel to be covered pending the approved applicant’s status
–Paid winter vacation (3-4 weeks)
— Two or three organized civil trips each year

See the contact information please check China jobs list here.


Want to be an English teacher in China?

If you would like to be a teacher, you can visit esljobs.cn, which updates a lot of teaching job positions each day.
esljobs.cn features a powerful job search engine with detail information on locations and teaching positions. In the search tool, its location options include all of China’s provinces, and teaching positions cover different education organizations ranging from kingdergarten, elementary school, to university.

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