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Do Dubbing Jobs in China?

China’s advertising and media industries needs quite a lot of the expats in the country to do the dubbing jobs. The simple reason is, for example, a Chinese slogan with its counterpart in English, may make a brand more international. Right?
China Job List updated its job position information, including bubbing jobs offerred by Jinnuo Jiayin, a Beijing-based dubbing service provider. The company needs the expats in China with nice voice. The jobs are available part time or full time.
You can visit SinoSites.com to check more job sites, if you are look for a China job.

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Want to be an English teacher in China?

If you would like to be a teacher, you can visit esljobs.cn, which updates a lot of teaching job positions each day.
esljobs.cn features a powerful job search engine with detail information on locations and teaching positions. In the search tool, its location options include all of China’s provinces, and teaching positions cover different education organizations ranging from kingdergarten, elementary school, to university.

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More China job sites

I am continuing to introduce useful China jobs sites here.

Sinosites.com, a community to discover and share the China-centered sites useful to the expats in the country, has updated its sites for China jobs.

This time, http://www.meijob.com and http://china.recruit.net, two China job search engines are listed on SinoSites.com. And their English versions are available. That is a good news for the expats in China.

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