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A post for Chinese resume templates for fresh graduates

I just made a post about Chinese resume templates at Cabi.net.cn’s JobTalk, an online forum for China job seekers. You can download the templates directly.

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Chinese resume templates to come out for jobs seekers

I am thinking about providing some Chinese resume templates for downloading for China jobs seekers. And that may help many friends to write their own Chinese resume by themselves.
I may firstly write some Chinese resume templates for teaching and editing positions. And any more? You can give me your suggestions.

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Use right keywords while searching China jobs

The China top job sites has a large database and you have to choose the right keywords to search jobs.

For example, you can use the keywords like native, expat/expats/expatriate, English, and so on. These keywords will help you locate Chinese employers that use them in their job posts for looking for expatriate employees.

You can try the tip now.

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How to get a good Chinese name before sending out your resume

You want a job in China, and you need a Chinese name. It does not sound like a gold rule, but it works better than a rule. In your resume, an expat’s Chinese name, maybe, interests a HR manager, — human being has a great curiosity. HR manager is no exception.

There are two styles of Chinese-name-making. Firstly, make a very Chinese-like name, which consists of suname and forename. In Chinese, there are over one hundred sunames (called Bai Jia Xing in Pinyin). Just choose one for yourself based on your interest and the pronunciation of your English suname. And then make a forename. You have to be very creative, since Chinese making is an art. Make it easy remembered, having a good connotation and pronunciation in Chinese.

Secondly, just use the translated Chinese name from your English one. I know many do not like translation of name, for it make no sense. One point, however, should be put on the advantage of translated name: It makes HR manager know quickly you are an expat rather than a Chinese candidate. You translated Chinese name will attract their eyeballs.

About.com has some stuff about Chinese name, and it may help you.

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