Top Potential Interview Questions from Chinese Employers

Are you going to a job interview in a Chinese company? Get yourself prepared before the pontial employer’s interview questions become troubles rather than fans.
1) Tell me about yourself
The Chinese employer likes to ask the same question as western ones do. But the difference is, when you answer, try to show off your Chinese language ability. If you have not handle the hard language, just use one or two Chinese words as your beginning of the interview. Then, speak easy and simple English to express something about yourself. Remember, easy and simple English. Never use a big English word that prevent the Chinese Employer from understand you easily.
2) Do you like China?
In fact, the interviewer does not care about whether or not you like it. He just wants to hear something about your impressions on the country. Please use simple and easy English to tell what you like and what you dislike. Take it easy.
3) Why do you want this job?
When you are in a western country, you say you need money. That’s ok. But in China, that is not the best answer. Tell the Chinese employer how you like it, and you want it not completely for making a living.

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